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Default moving resorces

I cant find the way to moving resorces from 2 village ,I missing something?

yes I have to upgr the Warehouse Level ,hahahahhaha I tooth I have all ready upgraded

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if u have the warehous upgraded to a market u just click on a city on the map owend by a player or ur self and if it has a market itself there should be a symbol on the top right corner for send items it looks like an arrow pointing to the left
got a msg just go here

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I can send resources from my capital to my other towns (or my friends' towns). Is it possible to send resources from my villages to my capital?

Edit: disregard the question, I found out the problem. The market in my village was upgrading, it could receive resources but could not send.

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I have lvl3 markets in my both my capital and another city, but no matter how I try I cannot sent resources to the 2nd city.
Nothing is upgrading, there is space to send stuff.

I get the msg about resources been sent, but then nothing happens. Nothing leaves my capital and nothing goes to my city.

What am I doing wrong?
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