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Default Clan Options

Hello to all Dark Age Wars!!
This is my 3rd thread and it is about Clan Options.
These are the clan options that I want to request:
1 Clan Forum:To post a thread in Clan like:"When you will capture a city"
2 Declaration: Deal with other Clans to be Allies,Enemies or others.
3 Search Player:Search a player to join his/her clan.
4 Status:Instead of putting Last Active Hrs Min Secs,how bout putting green and red lights beside the player's name
Green Active
Red Inactive
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i like it exept the inactive part u need to know when a person was last inactive so if they were inactive for a long time u can kick them and the should add something were we can attack the same city as otheres and come to the defeance of others in our alinace but only a certain number of troops
got a msg just go here

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Smile i love it!

thats the best idea about alliances/clans i heard this last week!
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it very good idea, also maybe add alliance rank in as well. like leader, vice leader, director or officer who can kick and recruit player or change alliance info, etc.
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Like Founder, Leader, Diplomat (Guy who makes the Decleartions) Recruiter, ermm... think thats it. Ooh! Forum Mod.
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